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Build business apps 10x faster

Save time and build fast!


Full mobile interface

Easily browse your data on mobile devices.


Simplest file uploads you've ever seen

Amazingly easy, single or multi-file integration with ActiveStorage.


Multi-tenancy ready

Scope out your data as much as you need it


Extend it with Rails code

Whenever you need to further extend Avo do it through familiar Rails code.


Fantastic CRUD UI

Create a flexible CRUD interface in no time. No more copy-pasting view and controller files around.


Stimulus JS integration

Create interactive experiences for your users



Fully translated UI


Dashboard charts, widgets, and metrics

Customize your dashboard with the tools and analytics you need.

Easy install & trully seamless updates

Avo doesn't pollute your current app with it's files. Drop it in your existing app or add it to a new one and you're done 🙌



Leverage Pundit policies to build a robust and scalable authorization system.


Built with Hotwire

Avo is running Hotwire under the hood.


Advanced Search

Quickly query one or more resources at once.


Actions & Filters

Run custom actions to one or more of your resources with as little as pressing a button 💪



Write your own custom filters to quickly segment your data.



Your data on your servers. Avo installs side-by-side with your app.



Group and surface information as much as you need to


Grid view

Beautiful card layout to showcase your content.


Custom fields

No worries if we missed a field you need. Generate a custom field in a jiffy.


Bring your own asset pipeline

It doesn't matter if you're using webpacker, sprockets or something else for your assets. Avo works with whatever you have.


Custom tools

You need to add a page with something completely new. You've got it! Avo will generate a controller action and an erb file for you to customize.

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