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Map view

Some resources that contain geospatial data can benefit from being displayed on a map. For resources to be displayed to the map view they require a coordinates field, but that's customizable.

Enable map view

To enable map view for a resource, you need to add the map_view class attribtue to a resource. That will add the view switcher to the Index view.

Avo view switcher
class CityResource < Avo::BaseResource
  # ...
  self.map_view = {
    mapkick_options: {
      controls: true
    record_marker: -> {
        latitude: record.coordinates.first,
        longitude: record.coordinates.last,
    table: {
      visible: true,
      layout: :right


The options you pass here are forwarded to the mapkick gem.


This block is being applied to all the records present in the current query to fetch the coordinates of off the record.

You may use this block to fetch the coordinates from other places (API calls, cache queries, etc.) rather than the database.

This block has to return a hash compatible with the PointMap items. Has to have latitude and longitude and optionally tooltip, label, or color.


This is the configuration for the adjacent table. You can set the visibility to true or false, and set the position of the table :top, :right, :bottom, or :left.

Make it the default view

To make the map view the default way of viewing a resource on Index, we have to use the default_view_type class attribute.

class CityResource < Avo::BaseResource
  self.default_view_type = :map