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Use Avo in an api_only Rails app

After Avo version 2.9 👇

The api_mode might not be supported. The reason for that is that Rails does not generate some paths for the resource route helper. Most important being the new and edit paths. That's because APIs don't have the new path (they have the create path).

But you're probably safer using Rails with api_only disabled (config.api_only = false).

Pre Avo version 2.9 👇

You might have an api-only Rails app where you'd like to use Avo. In my early explorations I found that it needs the ::ActionDispatch::Flash middleware for it to properly work.

So, add it in your application.rb file.

require_relative "boot"

require "rails/all"

# Require the gems listed in Gemfile, including any gems
# you've limited to :test, :development, or :production.

module RailApi
  class Application < Rails::Application
    # Initialize configuration defaults for originally generated Rails version.
    config.load_defaults 7.0

    # Only loads a smaller set of middleware suitable for API only apps.
    # Middleware like session, flash, cookies can be added back manually.
    # Skip views, helpers and assets when generating a new resource.
    config.api_only = true
    config.middleware.use ::ActionDispatch::Flash