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Asset manager

In your plugins or custom content you might want to add a new stylesheet or javascript file to be loaded inside Avo.

You can manually add them to the _head.html.erb or _pre_head.html.erb files or you can use the AssetManager.

Next, the asset manager will add them to the <head> element of Avo's layout file.

Add a stylesheet file

Use Avo.asset_manager.add_stylesheet PATH


Avo.asset_manager.add_stylesheet "/public/magic_file.css"
Avo.asset_manager.add_stylesheet Avo::Engine.root.join("app", "assets", "stylesheets", "magic_file.css")

Add a javascript file

Use Avo.asset_manager.add_javascript PATH


Avo.asset_manager.add_javascript "/public/magic_file.js"
Avo.asset_manager.add_javascript Avo::Engine.root.join("app", "javascripts", "magic_file.js")