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If you want to change one of Avo's built-in views, you can eject it, update it and use it in your admin panel.


Once ejected, the views will not receive updates on new Avo releases. You must maintain them yourself.


Utilize the --partial option when you intend to extract certain partial

Prepared templates

We prepared a few templates to make it easier for you.

bin/rails generate avo:eject --partial :logo will eject the _logo.html.erb partial.

▶ bin/rails generate avo:eject --partial :logo
Running via Spring preloader in process 20947
      create  app/views/avo/logo/_logo.html.erb

A list of prepared templates:

  • :logo ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_logo.html.erb
  • :head ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_head.html.erb
  • :header ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_header.html.erb
  • :footer ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_footer.html.erb
  • :scripts ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_scripts.html.erb
  • :sidebar_extra ➡️   app/views/avo/partials/_sidebar_extra.html.erb

In the app/views/avo/partials directory, you will find the _logo.html.erb partial, which you may customize however you want. It will be displayed in place of Avo's logo.

The _header.html.erb partial enables you to customize the name and link of your app.

The _footer.html.erb partial enables you to customize the footer of your admin.


The _scripts.html.erb partial enables you to insert scripts in the footer of your admin.

Eject any template

You can eject any partial from Avo using the partial path.

▶ bin/rails generate avo:eject --partial app/views/layouts/avo/application.html.erb
      create  app/views/layouts/avo/application.html.erb


You can eject any view component from Avo using the --component option.

$ bin/rails generate avo:eject --component Avo::Index::TableRowComponent


$ bin/rails generate avo:eject --component avo/index/table_row_component

Have the same output:

create  app/components/avo/index/table_row_component.rb
create  app/components/avo/index/table_row_component.html.erb


With --field-components option is easy to eject, one or multiple field components. Notice that without using the --scope, the ejected components will override the original components for that field everywhere on the project.

Check the --scope and the components field options for more details on how to override the components only on specific parts of the project.

$ rails g avo:eject --field-components text
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/edit_component.html.erb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/edit_component.rb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/index_component.html.erb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/index_component.rb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/show_component.html.erb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/show_component.rb

Let's say you want to override only the edit component of the TextField, that can be achieved with this simple command.

$ rails g avo:eject --field-components text --view edit
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/edit_component.rb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/text_field/edit_component.html.erb


While utilizing the --field-components option, you can selectively extract a specific view using the --view parameter, as demonstrated in the example above. If this option is omitted, all components of the field will be ejected.


When you opt to eject a view component that exists under Avo::Views or a field component under Avo::Fields namespace, for example the Avo::Views::ResourceIndexComponent or Avo::Fields::TextField::ShowComponent you can employ the --scope option to specify the namespace that should be adopted by the ejected component, extending from Avo::Views / Avo::Fields.

$ rails g avo:eject --component Avo::Views::ResourceIndexComponent --scope admins
      create  app/components/avo/views/admins/resource_index_component.rb
      create  app/components/avo/views/admins/resource_index_component.html.erb

$ rails g avo:eject --field-components text --view show --scope admins
      create  app/components/avo/fields/admins/text_field/show_component.rb
      create  app/components/avo/fields/admins/text_field/show_component.html.erb

The ejected file have the same code that original Avo::Views::ResourceIndexComponent or Avo::Fields::TextField::ShowComponent but you can notice that the class name and the directory has changed

class Avo::Views::Admins::ResourceIndexComponent < Avo::ResourceComponent

class Avo::Fields::Admins::TextField::ShowComponent < Avo::Fields::ShowComponent

Scopes transformation

--scope users_admins -> Avo::Views::UsersAdmins::ResourceIndexComponent
--scope users/admins -> Avo::Views::Users::Admins::ResourceIndexComponent