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Avo 3

Avo 3 is the version of Avo we always wanted to build. It condenses all the learnings we had for the past three years into a few cool packages.

We would like to thank our community for all the support they've given and all the feedback and contributions!


You'll find all the new changes in the Avo 2 to Avo 3 upgrade section.

New features & big changes

Advanced license features
License: Advanced
Pro license features
License: Pro
Community license features
License: Community
Coming soon
  • Theming
  • Audit logs (Enterprise feature)
  • Developer experience improvements
    • linter
    • VSCode extension
    • improved error messaging
  • Resource adapters
  • Customizable dynamic filters
  • Custom resource adapters
  • Dynamic fields
  • Nested record creation
  • Resource tools in fields

Avo 3 is not finished yet. We will continue to provide the same cadence of one release every two four weeks you are used to. Some the things we want to focus on in the near future are:

Please follow our Roadmap for more information about that.

Features moved from one tier to another

Features moved from Pro to Advanced

License: Pro -> License: Advanced

Features moved from Pro to Community

License: Pro -> License: Community
  • Custom fields
  • Custom tools
  • Resource tools
  • Tags field
  • Localization
  • Stimulus JS integration
  • Branding

Repos and packages

Avo 3 has been divided into various repositories and packages, organized by the specific feature or tier they are intended for. Within this structure, there are three main packages available: avo, avo-pro, and avo-advanced. Depending on your license, you need to manually include one of these packages in your Gemfile. Note that both avo-pro and avo-advanced come with additional packages that serve as their dependencies.


I'd love it if we could have an open forum with the open beta program. I created an #avo-3 channel on Discord where I invite you all to provide feedback and ask for support. We appreciate all types of feedback from the API changes, to design work, and any idea you might have.


We started the process to redo and reorganize the 3.0 docs, so if we missed anything, please let us know.

What next?

  1. Install Avo 3
  2. Follow the upgrade guide if you're upgrading from Avo 2
  3. Experience the new features
  4. Provide feedback and ask for support