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Display scope record count

The name and description scope options can be callable values and receive the resource, scope and query objects.

The query object is the actual Active Record query (unscoped) that is made to fetch the records.

There is also possible to access the scoped_query method that will return the query after applying the scope. You my use that to display a counter of how many record are there in that scope. Notice that it can impact page loading time when applying on large data tables.


class Avo::Scopes::Scheduled < Avo::Advanced::Scopes::BaseScope = -> {
      "Scheduled " \
      "<span class='bg-gray-500 px-1 text-white text-xs rounded font-semibold'>" \
        "#{scoped_query.count}" \
  self.description = -> { "All the scheduled jobs." }
  self.scope = -> { query.finished.invert_where }
  self.visible = -> { true }

In this example we made the name option a callable block and are returning the name of the scope and a span with the count of the records.

We are also using the sanitize method to return it as HTML.

In order to make the counter stand out, we're using some Tailwind CSS classes that we have available in Avo. If you're trying different classes and they are not applying, you should consider adding the Tailwind CSS integration.


This approach will have some performance implications as it will run the count query on every page load.